Accessing Workday at Regions


Benefits Enrollment and Change in Status Enrollment are completed in My Workday. For more information see How to Enroll or review the Navigate Benefits Enrollment Job Aid.

How to Access Workday from Home

You may access the Workday application from work (when logged into the Regions Network). You will not be prompted for a password.

You may also access Workday by clicking on the icon on your desktop.

Access My Workday

How to Access Workday from Home

Workday has a responsive web design – meaning it can be accessed on desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Active associates will login differently than associates on Leave of Absence. Terminated associates do not have access to Workday.

Active Associates

You may access Workday from your home computer or device. At the password prompt, enter your Regions User ID and Password (The same User ID and Password you use on your work computer).

Access My Workday

Associates on Leave of Absence

You will need to access Workday off-network site. If you have not previously logged in, created a new password, and answered four security questions, please call the HR Connect Team at (877) 562-8383 for instructions on how to access the system.

If you have previously logged in while on leave of absence, please use your User ID and Password to access Workday.

If you are on leave of absence and have forgotten your password, you will need to contact the HR Connect Team at (877) 562-8383.

Access My Workday

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