Rules for On-site Visits and System Access

Supply Partners

To the extent Vendor's officers, employees, subcontractors, consultants, representatives, and agents ("Personnel") are on-site at a building or facility that is owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by Regions ("Facility"), or directly or remotely access any Regions computer and/or telecommunication systems (collectively referred to herein as the "Systems"), the terms and conditions herein shall apply.

  1. Vendor Connections at Regions Bank

    Regions Bank prohibits any connections of non-Bank computing equipment to the Regions production network, for any reason. The Bank does, however, realize that situations arise requiring such connections.

    Wireless Access — Internet Access
    Regions offers a guest wireless network in many of the corporate office locations. It is strongly encouraged to have vendors utilize this network where available. To access the guest wireless network, the Business Unit vendor sponsor should request access using the appropriate CARS form. Access on the guest wireless network only allows Internet access, it does not allow access to the Regions production network.

    Wireless Access — Secure Vendor Access Portal ("SVA") for accessing Regions Network Assets
    Regions has the SVA available for vendors who require access to the Regions network. This access requires advance planning by the sponsoring Regions Business Partner and participating vendor. This access utilizes the "guest" wireless network to connect to a virtual machine, provisioned to specific individuals, with explicitly defined software and access.

    Right to Monitor, Review, and Record
    In the event of an evaluation of Vendor’s products and/or services or Vendor’s provision of products and/or services to Regions that requires Vendor or its Personnel to directly or remotely access any Regions Systems, Vendor acknowledges and affirms that Regions has the right to monitor, review, and/or record Vendor’s and/or its Personnel’s use of said Systems without cause and without notice. Vendor agrees and consents to such monitoring, review, and/or recording of Vendor’s or its Personnel’s access to Regions Systems and acknowledges that neither Vendor nor its Personnel have any right or expectation of confidentiality or privacy with respect to Systems usage. Vendor further acknowledges that any of its Personnel who use Regions Systems for non-Regions-related business or inappropriate purposes shall be subject to the revocation of privileges, disciplinary action (including but not limited to ejection from Regions Facilities, removal from current Regions projects and/or preclusion from work on future Regions engagements), and/or other appropriate legal action. Vendor represents and warrants that its Personnel who have or may have access to Regions Systems have been apprised of the terms of this provision.

    Vendors must comply with Regions Technology requests to disconnect immediately if a problem arises. Vendor will ensure that its Personnel complete any training required by Regions and will ensure compliance by its Personnel with such training.
  2. Regions Bank data must not be copied to a writable CD, USB thumb drive, iPod, phone, external portable hard drive, or other portable mass storage device without written approval from Information Security.
  3. All vendors, contractors, and other service providers must be appropriately attired and act in a professional manner.
  4. No firearms, ammunition, explosives, or weapons of any kind are allowed on Regions property without the prior written consent of the Regions Director of Security.
  5. Photographing, recording or videoing any part of a Regions Facility or Facility contents (e.g. files, associates, computer monitors, other equipment), or while at a Regions' Facility, is strictly prohibited.
  6. Smoking, which includes but is not limited to vaping, is restricted to only the designated smoking areas. No smoking is allowed inside the buildings.
  7. Behavior deemed inappropriate by Regions will not be permitted and may result in the offender being asked to permanently leave the premises. This includes but is not necessarily limited to: profane language; being under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and violent, abusive, or threatening behavior, such as physical or verbal assault, shoving, pushing, intimidation, coercion, brandishing a weapon, and threats or talk of violence.
  8. Maintain a harassment-free work environment by refraining from conduct that may interfere with an individual’s work performance or could create an offensive environment. Examples of unacceptable conduct, which will not be permitted and may result in the offender being asked to permanently leave the premises, include but are not necessarily limited to: offensive language, jokes, or other physical, verbal, written, or pictorial conduct relating to race, sex, national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or identity, veteran status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by the law that would make a reasonable person experiencing such behavior feel uncomfortable or would interfere with the person’s work performance.
  9. Vendor shall notify Regions in writing before performing any services at a Regions Facility if Vendor suspects any conditions exist which would adversely impact Vendor’s Personnel. If Vendor begins performing Services at a Regions Facility without notifying Regions of any such conditions, the Facility will be deemed to be acceptable. Vendor specifically agrees to abide by and observe all laws applicable to the Services being performed. Prior to performing any Services impacting a Regions physical Facility (including but not limited to any impact or work to or inside any interior walls, floors, ceiling, exterior walls, or roof), Vendor shall contact Regions if an asbestos-containing material (ACM) notice, signage, and/or label is posted at a Facility. Upon Vendor’s written request, Regions will determine the specific presence, exact location, and required remediation needed. Upon written request, the ACM-related survey for a specific Facility may also be provided by Regions to Vendor. If an ACM-fiber-release episode occurs or is presumed to have occurred, Vendor shall immediately stop work, notify Regions, and await specific instructions from Regions.
  10. Vendor shall not commence any Services at a Facility containing any ACM notice, signage, and/or label without first complying with all applicable law and the requirements contained in the Regions asbestos Operations & Maintenance Plan (O&M Plan), including but not limited to (a) notifying its employees, agents, invitees, and Subcontractors of the presence and location of any ACM at such Facility and informing and/or instructing such employees, agents, invitees, and Subcontractors of the ACM-related safety measures to be followed (O&M Plan to be provided to Vendor by Regions upon request); and (b) ensuring that its employees, agents, invitees, and Subcontractors have received training in the safe maintenance practices for facilities containing ACM and/or other handling of ACM as necessary and appropriate to the location(s) serviced and the nature of their duties as required by the applicable ACM-related safety measures, policies, and procedures established by Regions through its O&M Plan and the applicable laws. 
  11. Non-Bank employees (other than contractors who have been issued photo ID badges by Regions) are not allowed beyond the guard desk at Regions Center or any of the Data and Operations centers without a Regions Bank escort. They must sign in, provide their name and phone number to security, and, if requested, provide photo identification. A visitor badge will be issued and must be worn at all times while at the facilities.
  12. Regions Bank Data Centers, Operations Centers, and other main offices have specific parking requirements. Please check with the appropriate Regions Bank associates or Corporate Security for guidelines.
  13. Vendor and its Personnel shall comply with all Regions requirements related to social distancing and infection control while at any Regions’ Facility, which are in effect at the time of visiting a Regions’ Facility. Vendor Personnel will provide their own protective face masks and any other personal protective equipment that may be required from time to time.
  14. Prior to entering any Regions’ Facility, Vendor Personnel may be asked questions associated with health and safety, per Regions’ discretion, and the answers to such questions will determine whether Vendor Personnel will be allowed to enter the Facility. Any Vendor Personnel unwilling to answer such health and safety questions shall not be allowed entry to any Regions’ Facility.

Last updated: July 2020