Branch Policy Regarding Hats, Sunglasses and Face Masks

The safety of our customers and associates is our highest concern. To help reduce crime and to protect our branch visitors and staff, it is Regions’ policy to ask guests to remove their hat, sunglasses, helmet, and/or temporarily lower their face masks that might potentially conceal their appearance when they enter the branch.

We understand there might be special circumstances in which customers may not be comfortable removing these items in public. In situations like these, our branches are authorized to allow customers to remove hats, sunglasses and other items in private and to present a photo ID to confirm their identity and continue conducting their business. Exceptions will be made if the customer is known to the associate conducting the transaction. 

The Regions policy regarding hats and sunglasses is posted both inside and outside of each branch location.

Questions? Call Regions Corporate Security at 205-261-0140.