Introduction to Regions Culture

Corporate culture is the way the people in an organization think, feel and behave. It’s distinct, self-reinforcing and very well may be the most powerful force in a company. When you pair a strong corporate culture with a mission aimed at making life better, as we have at Regions, the result can be outstanding. 

There are many elements of Regions’ culture, but the key element is a shared passion for its mission of making life better for our customers, communities and shareholders by creating shared value.  With every customer interaction, we demonstrate our five core values and our desire to understand needs and meet those needs with the best products and services. Our mission drives our desire to improve and make a positive difference in the communities where we work and live through financial investments and volunteering. Because our 23,000 associates serve our customers with excellence every day, and because we invest resources in our communities, we ultimately deliver value to our shareholders as well.

Our culture values integrity and fosters a belief that trust must be earned and that all of us are accountable for results. We believe in collaboration and working as a team. Successful teams – whether in sports or in business – are made up of individuals who understand their roles and work together to meet a common goal. 

In the nine years since we last refreshed our company’s values, we’ve also updated our mission, developed a vision, and have taken steps to strengthen elements of our culture with the greatest potential impact on company performance. Improving associate engagement directly correlates to higher sales and service performance, and reinforcing a culture of accountability and ownership of risks offers the greatest protection for our customers, associates and shareholders. With all of these efforts underway, we thought it was worthwhile to catalog them so that the people who are interested in Regions, inside or outside of the company, can understand better how we think, feel and behave.


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