Culture Overview

Three foundational elements serve as the basis of our culture: our values, our mission, and our vision. We list them in this order for a reason: our values guide our day-to-day life, how we treat customers and each other, and the expectations for how we behave. Our mission defines our corporate purpose and answers the question, “What do we want to accomplish when we work together?” And our vision is what we aspire to, what we want the company to look like when we follow the values in service of our mission.


  • Put people first
  • Do what is right
  • Focus on your customer
  • Reach higher
  • Enjoy life

At Regions, our corporate values are not simply the values of a legal entity; they are values that reflect the ethics and commitment of more than 23,000 associates. Our values are a promise of how we will do business and serve as the measuring stick upon which to judge our behavior and results:

Put people first: Have respect for every person. Listen. Care. Serve others before yourself. Build the best team. Be inclusive. Work as one team. Balance work in a full life. Lead humanely. Set the good example. And remember to say thank you.

Do what is right: Always. Be honest. Do what you say. Use common sense. Stand for quality and integrity. Take the long view. Earn trust. Be responsible and accountable.

Focus on your customer: Serving the customer as one team, in an exceptional way, is our business, our only business. Know your customer. Serve your customer. Be committed. Understand needs. Meet needs. Make your customer’s life better by what you do. Create shared value.

Reach higher: Grow. Our company must grow, and we must grow prudently. Raise the bar. Be energetic. Be innovative. Achieve excellence. Improve continuously. Inspire and enable others. Succeed the right way. Improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Enjoy life: Have fun. We are in the business of banking. But more importantly, we are in the business of life. Enjoy it. Laugh. Be creative. Celebrate. Recognize success.


Regions makes life better.

Our mission at Regions is to achieve superior economic value for our shareholders over time by making life better for our customers, our associates and our communities and creating shared value as we help them meet their financial goals and aspirations. We do this by providing competitive financial products, excellent service and trusted financial advice.

Our mission is more than just a corporate tagline — it’s at the center of every decision we make. It is the guiding principle behind the products we develop and the services we offer. It is the foundation for every customer relationship that we form. The result is that we create shared value for the customers and the communities we serve.

Shared value is at the core of our mission and our business strategy. It’s a simple idea: what we do as a business has to benefit our customers, our company and shareholders, and the communities where we operate. This is the path to a sustainable business; it’s how to make a decent profit in a decent way. There’s no reason to sell a product or service to a customer that they don’t want or need. The products and services we sell must be priced fairly so that they provide value to our customers and to the bank, while benefiting its shareholders appropriately. And ultimately, the products and services we sell must benefit our communities because the company will only be as strong as the communities we serve.


Regions aims to be the premier regional financial institution in America through being deeply embedded in its communities, operating as one team with the highest integrity, providing unique and extraordinary service to all of its customers, and offering an unparalleled opportunity for professional growth for its associates.

Our vision statement is an aspiration. It clarifies what we do, where we do it and how we will execute. This statement defines our future, and we can achieve it by working as one team to focus on our communities and our customers, helping them succeed financially. 

We’ll do this by providing expert financial advice, guidance and education to customers; by building well-developed business plans that we execute with discipline; by building on a foundation of integrity and trust throughout our business; by delivering excellent customer service and convenience; and by offering our associates the opportunity to grow professionally and work on an outstanding team.

Our values, mission and vision complement each other and work together to guide how we develop our business strategy.

The Regions Brand

Simply put, the Regions brand reflects Regions’ culture, values and mission. Yes, we are in the business of banking, but we are also in the business of life. And while our financial solutions will help customers get more from their money, it is our mission to help make life better – for our customers, our associates and our communities. By delivering the appropriate products, services and financial education with a commitment to best-in-class customer service, we believe we are creating shared value for our customers and helping them move their lives forward.


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