Integrity Overview

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

In our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, we define what appropriate behavior is and what it is not. In other words, we define what we aspire to be collectively as a company and what we expect of ourselves as indi­viduals. Our Code is based on our core values that guide us in our daily activities, and it helps us make ethical business decisions.

While our Code says that we will comply with applicable laws and regulations where we do business, it is about more than compliance. Our Code describes how we as a company relate to others as we conduct business. It describes our core values and how we work together as associates. It cannot address every issue that we may encounter, but it does provide guidance and resources for those times when the right choice may not be clear. The Code is a reference guide that helps locate relevant company policies and provides information about how to seek help if there is an ethical concern. The Board of Directors, our chief executive officer, the Executive Council, Operating Committee and associates stand behind our Code.

Risk Ownership and Awareness

Risk Management is part of Regions' culture and it's strengthened by developing an understanding of risk management concepts, practices and trends, as well as fostering a continued conversation about risk.

Regions Risk Ownership & Awareness (ROA) is our risk management ideology. At its core, banking is about accepting and managing risks for the benefit of our customers, communities, shareholders and associates. Regions ROA is exemplified by Regions' thoughtful, prudent way of doing business, which is both how the company prospers and how we protect it from harm. Regions ROA is an attitude that shapes how we think, feel, and talk about risk in the course of our business. By adopting this attitude, every Regions associate demonstrates accountability for risks they take on behalf of the company.

Recognizing and acknowledging the risks we face is the critical first step in effectively managing them. A strong cultural risk focus requires that associates understand their roles and responsibilities. To achieve this, we encourage open communication about risk at all levels of the organization. All associates are engaged in conversation about risk management topics, and are urged to raise issues and escalate them as needed.

Regions ROA promotes the ownership of risk and the refinement of risk management processes. Our corporate governance structure provides the appropriate oversight of risk taking, and ensures that our business strategies align with our appetite for risk-taking.

On an individual level, every associate manages risk for Regions. To that end, we equip our associates with the tools and support needed to manage risk every day. We also reward associates who embrace their role as a risk manager, demonstrating excellence in their approach to managing the risks they face, through a corporate recognition program.

Regulatory Relations

The banking industry is highly regulated, and Regions is subject to numerous laws, rules and regulations in a variety of state and federal jurisdictions. As a bank holding company, we also are subject to comprehensive, consolidated supervision and regulation by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, including capital and information reporting requirements.

Regions Bank is regulated by the Federal Reserve, the Alabama State Banking Department, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the New York Stock Exchange, FINRA, and other regulators continue to supervise Regions and our subsidiaries that engage in securities activities. In addition, our insurance activities are supervised by state insurance departments in those states in which we operate.

Many of the company policies and procedures involving laws, rules and regulations and additional information can be found on the Regions' intranet, life@regions. Policies on political contributions, code of conduct, and code of conduct for financial officers can be found on

As Regions associates, we are required to be knowledgeable about and comply with the letter and the spirit of the laws, rules, and regulations that apply to our job responsibilities and to seek guidance when questions arise.


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