Regions Charitable Contributions Programs

Regions provides meaningful financial support to nonprofit organizations that share our goal of making life better in the communities we serve. In one recent year, Regions supported over 8,000 different agencies in the South, Midwest and Texas.

Contribution & Sponsorship Requests

Eligible organizations may seek contributions through our locally administered Regions Charitable Giving Program in these key focus areas:

Community and Economic Development

Regions supports programs that serve low- and moderate-income communities by providing affordable housing, small business development, and human services.


Regions is committed to supporting education that helps people live better lives and become more prepared for the future. We sponsor financial education programs in grades pre-K through 12, at colleges and universities, and for community groups that provide technical assistance and financial expertise to small businesses.

Health and Human Services

Regions invests in organizations that promote wellness, prevent hunger and provide relief services for individuals in need.

Arts and Culture

Regions believes arts and culture make life better and more vibrant for everyone, so we provide support to museums, performing arts organizations, historical landmarks, and other cultural institutions.

Regions’ Charitable Giving Program supports a broad range of efforts, but excludes:


  • Organizations discriminating on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin or familial status
  • Organizations lacking tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code
  • Political organizations or candidates seeking political office
  • Religious organizations or activities exclusively advocating for a particular religion, faith or creed
  • Annual operating campaigns of organizations already supported by United Way
  • Athletic scholarships or organizations sponsoring athletic scholarships
  • Alumni associations
  • National fund drives or national organizations with no direct ties to the communities Regions serves



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