Community Development Services

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Providing community service is at the core of Regions commitment to make life better.

Key ways the bank influences positive changes in the communities it serves include:

  • Regions Community Development Corporation
    This CDC was formed to provide technical assistance to nonprofit organizations, expand homeownership, improve financial literacy, develop affordable housing, promote neighborhood revitalization, and support economic development. Services provided through the CDC demonstrate the bank’s dedication to improving community life. The thousands of associate hours volunteered each year help empower community organizations and further their missions.
  • The Financial Services Roundtable
    In partnership with the 100 large financial institutions that make up the Roundtable organization, Regions sponsors a variety of financial education efforts focused on teaching students at all levels about basic financial concepts and money management skills. The bank provides Regions-branded “Scholars and Dollars” kits to associates who volunteer to teach financial subjects in schools.