Who We Are

We are Regions. And our mission inspires us . . . Make life better. Make life better for our customers. Make life better for our communities. Make life better for associates. This is our roadmap to success.

Our company has a personality – a culture – that is unique. Our personality is fresh and vibrant, and moreover, we believe it’s something that sets us apart in a crowded marketplace. Our company’s personality also recognizes the importance of anticipating and adapting to changes in our business, our customers, our communities, and our workforce. And we find solutions to help all of us be successful.

Our strategic approach to diversity and inclusion supports this overall mission by recognizing that developing and utilizing all of our available resources are critical to meeting our business objectives.

Our effectiveness in being successful as a business is built on leveraging the diversity of our resources in terms of backgrounds, experiences and ways of thinking just as successful investment portfolio performance is built on diversity in each asset class. Our fundamental belief is that putting people first, doing what is right, reaching higher, focusing on your customer and enjoying life are what define us as a company and are the keys to our continued success.

At Regions, our corporate values are not simply the values of a legal entity; they are values that encompass the ethics and commitment of more than 23,000 associates. Our values are the statement of how we will do business; they are a promise and a measuring stick upon which to judge our behavior and results

Put People First

Have respect for every person. Listen. Care. Serve others before yourself. Build the best team. Be inclusive. Work as one team. Balance work in a full life. Lead humanely. Set the good example. And remember to say thank you.

Focus On Your Customer

Serving the customer as one team, in an exceptional way, is our business, our only business. Know your customer. Serve your customer. Be committed. Understand needs. Meet needs. Make your customer’s life better by what you do. Create shared value.

Do What Is Right

Always. Be honest. Do what you say. Use common sense. Stand for quality and integrity. Take the long view. Earn trust. Be responsible and accountable.

Reach Higher

Grow. Our company must grow, and we must grow prudently. Raise the bar. Be energetic. Be innovative. Achieve excellence. Improve continuously. Inspire and enable others. Succeed the right way. Improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Enjoy Life

Have fun. We are in the business of banking. But more importantly, we are in the business of life. Enjoy it. Laugh. Be creative. Celebrate. Recognize success.

Our mission is to achieve superior economic value for our shareholders over time by making life better for our customers, our associates and our communities and creating shared value as we help them meet their financial goals and aspirations. We all accomplish our mission by living our values and leveraging the diversity of all our resources. We know this is the way to be successful.

Better Life Awards

The Better Life Award is the top award given at Regions to associates for outstanding dedication and job performance. It is given to associates who are role models of our values, both at work and their communities to put people first, do what is right, focus on the customer, reach higher and enjoy life.

In addition to modeling these behaviors, winners of the Better Life Award are associates who have gone far beyond what is required to make life better for a co-worker or customer and who have a positive impact on someone’s life.

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See The Good

At Regions, good things are happening all around us. A special website, seethegood.com, tells these stories and shares them with the rest of the world.

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