Good Works: Karns Volunteer Fire Department

The Karns Volunteer Fire Department serves four Tennessee communities – Karns, Ball Camp, Hardin Valley and Solway -- in a 65-square mile area on the outskirts of Knoxville. One of the department’s four stations was housed in a drafty old barn with no kitchen, no showers, no fitness facility and a less-than-optimal location that means a 25-minute response time to reach parts of its territory.

Although the fire department had a primary account with another bank, it turned to Regions for a construction loan to replace the facility. “They really needed someone who could be flexible,” says Business Banker Jeff Allen. “They already had started construction before securing financing, so we really had to work quickly to stay ahead of mechanics’ liens and other possible issues.”

“Jeff was so helpful,” says Fire Department President Brian Davis. “He really had to jump through some hoops to get us the right financing.” The extra effort to meet our customer’s needs was worthwhile.

The new station’s  more strategic location cuts response time in half, lowering insurance rates for residents and businesses and ultimately lowering the cost of living in the community. The new station means the fire department will be able to add jobs and expand from eight to 16 firefighters in the future, and its top-of-the-line kitchen, shower and gym facilities help make life better for the firefighters who help keep their communities safe. By going the extra mile and carefully arranging an important community development loan, Regions had a truly positive impact on this community and the lives of our neighbors.

The 2012 Social Responsibility Report is now available on Regions.com.