What you should know about the Internet Explorer bug

Security experts have discovered a bug in the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser that may allow hackers to bypass Windows security protections and possibly install unwanted applications or malicious software on your computer.  The bug is believed to affect IE versions 6 through 11.  Microsoft has announced it is currently developing a security patch to resolve the issue on supported operating systems. 

Regions has several overlapping security controls in place to help protect our internal systems and data from software vulnerabilities and attacks.  Also, the websites we operate support several modern browsers in addition to Internet Explorer. More information about supported browsers can be found on our Browser & Security FAQs.

While the Internet Explorer bug is reported to be targeted and requires several specific circumstances in order to carry out its malicious attack, it is still very serious. As always, we urge you to follow some important tips for computer security:

  • Install and maintain updates to your operating system and other applications like Internet Explorer.
  • Use a comprehensive security software suite that includes antivirus features and a firewall.
  • Practice safe web browsing habits and use caution when clicking links in emails from both unknown senders and people you do know as their email accounts could be compromised.

For additional information about how to protect yourself from online fraud and other threats, please visit our Privacy & Security site.