Management Associate Program

Program Overview

As a Management Associate, you will select a predetermined career path and enter into a three-phased program beginning at the corporate headquarters in Birmingham, Ala. The Management Associate program provides invaluable guidance and perspective from Regions' senior management, which will play a vital role in your career development. The investment of time and resources by senior leadership displays their commitment to developing Regions' future leaders.
Phase 1
The program begins with six weeks in Birmingham, Ala. During this phase, you will receive exposure to Regions’ unique corporate culture and relationship philosophy. Phase one gives you exposure to all facets of the bank and truly grows your knowledge of Regions as a whole. Your development will be delivered through:
  • Hands-on experience
  • Networking opportunities
  • Shadowing and tours
  • Classroom training
  • Community involvement
  • Mentorship
  • Exposure to Senior Executives
Phase 2
After completion of the six weeks in Birmingham, you will transition into Phase two and typically report to your hired business group in your particular geography. However, a few select positions will have additional training in Birmingham before relocating to your geography.

The structure of phase two varies, but generally consists of role-specific skill development, cross-functional projects, and shadowing or rotations. The length of phase two can range from 15 weeks to two years.

Phase 3
After reaching the three or four year mark in your career with Regions, Management Associate Graduates will receive career management guidance, including development feedback. There is also potential for emerging developmental opportunities identified by MA leadership.
Consumer Lending
Operations Analyst
The Consumer Lending (CL) track within the Management Associate Program (MAP) is an entry level position into the Mortgage field. The CL Management Associate will rotate for 18 months throughout multiple functional areas of Consumer Lending and build fundamental skills that will foster long-term success.
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Consumer services
Cross Channel Project Manager
The Cross Channel Business Analyst will assist the Distribution Channel Program Manager with the overall Regions channel strategy. Duties include assessing processes within each channel and the management of cross channel projects.
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Consumer Services
eBusiness Presentation Architect
The ideal MA Presentation Architect would enjoy working in a highly collaborative, creative and agile team that constantly pushes the envelope on its deliverables and has a strong desire to compete against industry partners to provide best in class user experiences.
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Corporate finance
The Management Associate Corporate Finance Analyst (MA CFA) will develop foundational knowledge of the functional areas within Finance, such as financial planning and analysis, treasury analytics, portfolio management, and more!
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Debt Products
Shared Services Analyst
The Management Associate Debt Products Organization (DPO) Shared Services Analyst (“MA SSA”) track includes portfolio management underwriting, credit strategy and solutions, as well as a knowledge base of company guidelines for credit and risk management.
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enterprise operations
Operations Analyst
The Management Associate for Enterprise Operations will work in a Business/Project Analyst capacity and conduct research and analysis within assigned projects.
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human resources
The Human Resources track within the Management Associate Program (MAP) is an entry level position into the HR field. The HR MA will rotate for two years throughout multiple functional areas of HR and build fundamental skills that will foster long-term success. The rotations will be located in Birmingham, AL.
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internal audit
The Management Associate Internal Audit track allows high performing college graduates to progress through one or more team assignments within the Audit organization.
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wealth management
Institutional Services Relationship Consultant
The Management Associate Wealth Management Institutional Relationship Consultant (“MA IRC”) manages client administration, retention and sales support for a book of Institutional Trust relationships.
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Vary annually based on hiring manager needs, but historically have included:
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Dallas, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Nashville, TN
  • Orlando, FL
  • Tampa, FL
First Round
First round interviews will take place either on campus or over the phone. We will discuss the Management Associate Program, your area of interest and potential geographic locations, as well as assess your skill set and fit for the program.
Second Round
Interviews will take place with hiring managers, MAP Program Manager and HR partners for a particular business group. They will assess your skillset, leadership capabilities and fit for their team.
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