Most Popular Questions

At Regions, we strive to assist you and answer your questions in the most efficient way possible. Please see the following list of the most popular questions customers ask us. For a more comprehensive list of questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

For account questions, you must log in to Regions Online Banking to send secure inquiries about transactions, overdraft fees and other account activity questions. To learn more about monthly fees associated with your accounts, select your product from Banking Solutions page for account details.

Online Banking Questions

1. What if I don’t recognize my Security Challenge Question?
  • If you are presented with a security question that you do not recognize and are unable to log in, please call 1-800-4PC-BANK (800-472-2265).
  • If you are able to log in, select the "View/Edit Security Questions" option from the E-Services menu to change or update your selected questions and answers.

. What if I don't remember my Online ID or Password?
  • You may reset your password online. Simply select "Forgot Password" located directly beneath the login box. You will be prompted to answer one of your Security Questions before resetting your password. View step-by-step instructions.
  • If you do not remember your Online ID, please call 1-800-4PC-BANK (1-800-472-2265).

. Why is the system asking me to enter my SSN and ATM PIN to access my account?
  • If you are prompted to enter your Social Security Number, ATM/Checkcard and PIN immediately after you enter your Online ID and Password, this indicates that you unsuccessfully answered a Security Question multiple times. Once the information is entered correctly on this page, you will be directed to verify and update your Security Questions and Answers.
  • If you are unable to provide the requested information, please call 1-800-4PC-BANK (1-800-472-2265).

General Questions

1. Protecting Yourself Online - How to Respond to Email, Text and Phone Fraud - Regions customers --and non-customers -- are currently experiencing an increase in fraud schemes known as "phishing". While phishing has typically been associated with unsolicited emails, the new scams are using a combination of emails, text messages and toll-free numbers in their attempts to steal valuable personal and financial information from unaware consumers.

Please forward any suspicious email to abuse@regions.com. As well, you may send an email with details of any text message or telephone scams to abuse@regions.com. Regions will quickly take steps to have the fraudulent phone scams and web sites shut down.

Never respond to emails, texts or phone calls asking you to verify account or personal information or those asking you to reactivate a service. Learn more about protecting yourself online.

2. REO's and Properties for Sale - View foreclosed properties for sale, or if you have interest in becoming a Regions REO Broker, please email Trudy.Blair@Regions.com.

3. Additional Frequently Asked Questions: For a more comprehensive list of questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.