Parking Lot Security

At Regions we are committed to helping you – our customer – protect yourself from fraud. As one way to demonstrate this commitment, we have compiled helpful information to enable you to protect your personal privacy and financial security. In addition, should you encounter fraud or identify theft, we have also included guidance on how to notify us, as well as other creditors where applicable.

Tips to Protect Yourself

  • Be alert to your surroundings and other people around you.
  • Never display cash in a financial institution parking lot...if possible, not even a "bank bag".
  • When you conduct banking business during the hours of darkness, if possible, have someone accompany you.
  • Park as near as possible to your destination, e.g., branch entrance, automatic teller machine or night depository.
  • Establish your banking relationship with a financial institution that provides an obviously safe and secure environment, including the parking lot. Look for the following characteristics:
    • Well lighted parking lot and exterior
    • Landscaping or other objects which do not provide "hiding places" for robbers
    • Located on a well traveled street
    • Unobstructed visibility in all directions