Regions Secure Email

At Regions, we want to hear from you, whether it's an inquiry about a Regions product, your account or just feedback. But we want your correspondence with us to remain safe and secure.

If You Are a Regions Customer
Have questions about your account? Please log in to Online Banking and select the "Messages" tab in the top right corner. Follow the on-screen instructions to send and receive secure email messages with a Regions banker. You can be confident your correspondence with us is safe and secure.

If You Are Not a Regions customer
Maybe you just have general inquiries or want to know more about Regions? Please use our contact form and you will be contacted by a Regions representative within three business days.

Remember, Regions does not contact customers via email requesting you provide personal information such as a PIN or passwords.
As always, never respond to emails, texts or phone calls asking you to verify account or personal information or asking you to reactivate a service. If you question the authenticity of any emails, please forward suspicious email to phishing@regions.com.