Regions Secure Webmail

To protect customers' sensitive information shared through email, Regions has established a Secure Webmail channel. Traditional email does not offer this extra level of protection.

Secure Webmail is the safest solution to manage the integrity of emails between Regions associates and vendors or customers. Email messages sent out through the Secure Webmail channel remain available for the recipient to access for 14 days only.

Here are the steps to retrieve Secure Webmails:

1Receiving a Secure Message
When you have a message on the Regions Secure Webmail server, you will receive an email from a Regions employee with the following Subject: Secure Web Delivery Notification

2Opening View Message Link
When you receive the Secure Web Delivery Notification message, open the message and select the “View Message” link.

3Setting Secure Password
Selecting the “View Message” link brings up a password prompt. Your User Name is pre-filled and can not be changed. If this is your first time to access the Secure Webmail server, enter your desired password in both fields and select Submit.

  • The password must be at least 8 characters.
  • If you have previously signed onto secure webmail, your password will be the same that you previously used.

4Reading Messages and Saving Attachments
When you enter the correct password, the secure message will open. If the secure message has attached files, they will be shown at the bottom of the message. To open or save the attached files, select the Diskette image on the far right and Open or Save the file on your computer.

5Replying to Secure Message
If you would like to respond to the secure message or send an attachment, select the Reply button. White space will appear at the top of the message above the text of the original message. If you would like to attach a file click on the attach link and find your file, then select Send.

6Resetting Secure Password
If you forget, or would like to change the secure password, select the Forgot Your Password? link instead of the View Message link. A new password and confirmation prompt will be sent to you the next time you receive a secure message at that same email address.

If you are unable to reset the password using the Forgot Your Password? link, please send your email address and phone number to securemailpasswordreset@regions.com. The new password will be sent to the email address that you supply. A phone number will allow us to contact you if there are issues resetting the password.