Corporate Social Responsibility

Message from Lajuana Bradford, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility

Lajuana BradfordAt Regions, we know our success is tied directly to the success of our customers, communities and associates. This means we’re committed to growing our communities and helping our customers reach their financial goals. By utilizing all of our resources, we can make a difference in the lives of those we serve. They’re our friends and our neighbors, and we want to create shared value as we help them meet their financial goals and aspirations.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the umbrella for coordinating, tracking and reporting on the ongoing work around diversity and inclusion, our corporate response when disasters strike, economic development, sustainability, and associate volunteer efforts.

Our efforts focus on the future, and we are proud of the work we do in our communities.

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Our approach to social responsibility is shaped by our core values: Put people first, do what is right, focus on your customer, reach higher and enjoy life. By living our values, we accomplish some truly amazing things. We know when our customers and communities succeed, we succeed.

Social Responsibility Report
Good Works. Regions Social Responsibility Report 2016.

In the Regions Social Responsibility Report, you can see how we are having a positive impact across the South, Midwest and Texas by putting people first and serving customers and communities fairly and responsibly. Stories within the report showcase our support of small business growth, job creation, safe and affordable housing, financial education and volunteerism.

The Social Responsibility Report is a way we can share some of our many stories along with our vision of a bright future for the people and communities we serve.

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