Charitable Giving Program Guidelines

Through our Charitable Giving Program, Regions provides meaningful support to organizations that share our goal of making life better.


A. Community/Economic Development
Regions supports programs that serve low and moderate-income communities through affordable housing, small business development, and human services.

B. Education
Regions is committed to education as a means of helping young people prepare for the future. We sponsor financial literacy programs in grades pre-K through 12, with preference given to schools serving low and moderate-income communities. Also included are higher education initiatives and programs relevant to business or the banking industry.

C. Health & Human Services
Regions provides generous overall support to the United Way, our primary outlet for sponsoring health and human service efforts in our communities.

D. Arts & Culture
We believe the arts and culture make life more vibrant for everyone. Special consideration is given to programs that create cultural opportunities for children or serve low and moderate-income communities.

E. Environment
Supporting sustainability of our natural resources is critical. We fund initiatives that protect the environment including nature parks, wildlife preservation, and coastal conservation efforts.


Regions supports a broad range of charitable efforts, with the following exclusions:

  • Any organization that discriminates on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, or familial status.
  • Any organization lacking tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Any individual.
  • Any political organization or candidate seeking political office.
  • Any religious organization or activity that exclusively advocates a particular religion, faith, or creed.
  • The annual operating campaign of any organization supported by United Way.
  • Athletic scholarships or organizations sponsoring athletic scholarships.
  • Alumni associations.
  • National fund drives or national organizations with no direct ties to our communities.

Note: Sponsorships that do not support a nonprofit organization may be considered as marketing initiatives and not part of the Regions Charitable Giving Program.

Requesting a Charitable Contribution: Guidelines and Procedures

  1. Each organization considered for the Regions Charitable Giving Program must have 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and be located in a state where Regions does business.
  2. For full consideration, the requesting organization should direct a written proposal to the Regions city president in the area being served. Proposals should include:
    • A copy of the organization's 501(c)(3) determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service.
    • A one- to two-page letter, on the letterhead stationery of the organization, explaining the request and its purpose.
    • A current list of board members for the requesting organization.
    • The organization's most recently audited financial statement.
    • Any additional information or documentation supporting the request.
  3. Proposals are considered throughout the year, with decisions made in approximately 30-45 days.