Online Banking Fraud Alert: Zeus Malware

Please familiarize yourself with this latest fraud attempt

We have detected a recent issue where some customers have been infected by malicious software. After they log in to Regions Online Banking, a small window appears and requests sensitive information such as SSN, DOB, Credit/Debit Card Number or answers to security questions, as shown in the images below.

When users enter personal information on these infected screens, the malware captures data and criminals use the information to perpetrate fraud. This malicious software is known as Zeus Malware and in many cases goes undetected by anti-virus software. If your computer is infected, your personal information could be compromised.

What to Do If You Think Your Computer is Infected

  1. If you have been prompted with the Online Banking scenario described above, do NOT enter your personal information.
  2. Please contact Regions Bank immediately at 1-800-734-4667.

Below are examples of the issues we have discovered.