Regions Benefits
401(k) Plan

Notice: The transition to MassMutual, the 401(k) Plan’s new service provider, completed earlier than expected. The Plan is now out of blackout. You have full access to your plan account, and you can direct and diversify your investments and request a loan or a distribution to the extent you could before the blackout period started.

As of January 1, 2017, the Regions 401(k) and BlackArch 401(k) Plans (the Plans) have a new recordkeeper, MassMutual, a financial industry leader in 401(k) Plan administration. You continue to have online access to your account as well as management tools and calculators to help you make the most of the Plan.

To view transition materials, click here.  This link takes you to the MassMutual Transition website.  To view materials previously mailed to your home, login with the following company-specific user name and password.

Regions 401(k) Plan Participants BlackArch LLC 401(k) Plan Participants
Username: regions Username: blackarch
Password: planmoves Password: planmoves

To view your current account history (1/1/2017 and later) or to make changes to your account choose one of the following:

For account history prior to 1/1/2017, call Transamerica (formerly Mercer) at 1-800-370-9442.