2020 Analyzed and Treasury Management Pricing Modifications

Treasury Management

(Effective January 1, 2021)

At Regions, meeting the treasury management needs of your business is an ongoing commitment. We evaluate fees for our products and services on an annual basis and make changes when necessary so that we can continue providing you the highest level of quality service.

Effective January 1, 2021, standard pricing for some Analyzed Depository and Treasury Management services will change. The list below reflects these changes; all other pricing remains the same. You will see these fee adjustments applied to your account(s) beginning with your January statement.

Should you have questions, please contact your local Treasury Management Officer or Relationship Manager.

As always, thank you for choosing Regions Bank. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to assist you with all your financial needs.

ACH Services

  • ACH Credit Transaction International Per Item: $3.00
  • ACH Debit Transaction International Per Item: $3.00
  • ACH Same Day Credit Item Transaction Per Item: $1.00
  • ACH Same Day Debit Item Transaction Per Item: $1.00

BAI (Bank Administration Institute)

  • BAI File Previous Day Per Item: $0.10

CICL (Client Image Cash Letter)

  • CICL On-Us Per Item: $0.035
  • CICL Transit Per Item: $0.12 (1-10K), $0.07 (10K-25K), $0.06 (25K-75K), $0.05 (75K+)

EBPP (Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment)

  • EBPP Outbound Files Via FTP Per Month: $200

Integrated Receivables

  • Integrated Receivables Per File: $18.00 (Removal of Maximum)


  • iTreasury Per Alert: $0.30
  • iTreasury Per Account Transfer: $0.30
  • iTreasury Per Loan Transfer: $0.30
  • iTreasury Per Outgoing Domestic Wire: $14.00
  • iTreasury Per Deposit Ticket Image: $0.30
  • iTreasury Small Business Monthly Maintenance: $35.00
  • iTreasury Information Reporting Per Item: $0.09
  • iTreasury Check Per Inquiry Item: $0.30


  • Regions Messenger Previous Day Per Item: $0.10
  • Regions Messenger Previous Day Desktop Monthly Maintenance: $30.00
  • Regions Messenger Previous Day FTP Monthly Maintenance: $30.00
  • Regions Messenger Current Day Per Item: $0.10
  • Regions Messenger Intraday Desktop Monthly Maintenance: $30.00
  • Regions Messenger Intraday FTP Monthly Maintenance: $30.00

Online Banking for Business Services

  • OLB – Wire Transfer - Domestic: $20.00
  • OLB – Wire Transfer - International: $35.00

Positive Pay Services

  • Positive Pay without Reconcilement Per Item: $0.09
  • Reverse Positive Pay Per Item: $0.10
  • Positive Pay Exceptions Reported Per Item: $6.00

Wire Services

  • Wire Transfer Outgoing: $30.00
  • Wire Transfer Incoming: $20.00
  • Wire Transfer Outgoing Repetitive: $30.00
  • Wire Transfer International Outgoing: $50.00
  • Wire Transfer International Electronic: $30.00