Lender Finance

Our Lender Finance team has the experience and industry knowledge to analyze and understand the capital needs of your specialty finance company.

We offer senior debt solutions to specialized commercial and consumer financing companies that provide capital to clients that generate high-quality collateral asset pools with predictable cash-flow streams.

Our team is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with highly experienced and tenured management teams that operate in a competitive market niche and/or that utilize proven proprietary processes to underwrite credit.

Our ability to analyze and understand highly tailored business models enables RBC Lender Finance to extend substantial and scalable credit lines to this specialized and capital-intensive industry.

We provide asset-based facilities in the following segments:

  • Traditional factoring
  • Commercial finance
  • Equipment leasing
  • Select consumer finance

Contact our Lender Finance team to learn how we can help tailor a financing solution for your specialty finance company.

Jim Barwis
Managing Director