Foreign Exchange

If you’re engaged in international business, Regions offers a full suite of foreign exchange services to help you navigate the global economic landscape with confidence. As a full-service provider of foreign exchange services, Regions offers foreign exchange conversions for international payments and incoming international wire transactions. In addition, we provide customized hedging strategies and multicurrency deposit solutions. 

Foreign Exchange Services

RegionsFX Online: A secure, web-based foreign exchange system that allows companies to initiate wire transfers or drafts and monitor historical transactions

  • Reduce transaction time by completing an entire transaction online based on real-time exchange rates and settle via international wire transfer
  • Obtain real-time preferred pricing on your FX transactions to purchase or sell foreign currency. Foreign currency may be deposited to a Regions multicurrency account or wired to the vendor/beneficiary of your choice
  • Fund FX transactions from your Regions U.S. dollar account or via ACH from outside financial institutions
  • Create foreign currency transfers using convenient online templates and wire funds directly from your Regions multicurrency account — no conversion required
  • Configure user accounts individually and provide access to specific functions (i.e. trade limits and authorization limits) according to job responsibilities

Dual Invoicing: International vendor invoice that shows the foreign currency price in addition to the U.S. dollar price

  • Avoid paying inflated prices for imported goods and services priced by vendors in U.S. dollars
  • Gain more control over the currency exchange process
  • Take advantage of potential cost savings and reduced wire fees

Spot, Forward[1][2] and FX Swap Transactions[1] [2]An efficient, convenient process for executing FX spot, forward or swap trades 

  • Ensure competitive pricing when executing spot or hedging transactions
  • Mitigate the effect of negative currency fluctuations by buying or selling foreign currency at a forward price for a specific future date or time period
  • Arrange FX swaps when there is a timing change for a payment or receipt of foreign currency if a forward hedge is already in place

Multicurrency Account[3]: Account designed specifically for companies that manage payables and receivables in foreign currencies

  • Exercise more control over your accounts so you can optimize cash availability
  • Protect your company against spot price variations and currency fluctuations
  • Enjoy increased transaction efficiency and lower fees

Multicurrency Time Deposit[3]: Deposit account for companies that need the flexibility to invest in a foreign currency at the respective foreign country’s interest rates for a specific period of time

  • Earn interest in idle foreign currency funds
  • Earn potentially higher interest rates than those available domestically
  • Take advantage of favorable exchange rate fluctuations

Foreign Currency Option[1][2][4]: Suite of derivative products that helps organizations customize global transactions to cover specific business needs

  • Cover uncertain or contingent exposures
  • Exchange at the option strike price or the current market rate — whichever offers the better rate (a premium is generally paid upfront for this capability)
  • Eliminate downside risk of an FX exposure while remaining open to upside potential

Foreign Currency Loan[3]: Provides companies with the ability to obtain financing in a foreign currency based on the foreign country’s interest rates

  • Optimize in-country assets by borrowing in a foreign currency
  • Protect working capital by hedging against a matched foreign asset
  • Maximize cash flow by choosing a fixed or floating interest rate

Foreign Currency Check Processing[3]: Deposit of foreign checks with Regions for immediate credit or collection processing

  • Offer customers and vendors the convenience of paying in their native currencies
  • Accept payment by check in foreign currencies or U.S. dollars
  • Visit any Regions location to cash or deposit checks

For questions on physical cash or banknotes, visit your local Regions branch. For more information on Regions Foreign Exchange, contact

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