Foreign Exchange

Corporate Banking

If you’re engaged in international business or trading, Regions offers a suite of foreign exchange services to help you navigate the global economic landscape with confidence.

Regions FX Online - Secure, web-based foreign exchange system where you can initiate and monitor wire transfers and drafts, and create current and historical transaction reports.

  • Create transactions using convenient online templates and wire funds directly from your account—no conversion required.
  • Get real-time pricing on your transactions, purchase and sell currency, and settle directly to or from your foreign currency account.
  • Reduce transaction time by completing entire transactions online based on real-time exchange rates, and settle global funds transactions faster to get quicker access to your money.
  • Settle accounts via wire transfer to the beneficiary of your choice and have payments drawn against your Regions US dollar account (ACH also available).
  • Configure user accounts individually and provide access to specific functions per job responsibilities (i.e., trade limits, authorization limits).
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Dual Invoicing - International vendor invoice that shows the foreign currency price in addition to the U.S. dollar price.

  • Gain more control over the currency exchange process.
  • Avoid paying inflated prices for good & services.
  • Take advantage of potential cost savings and reduced wire fees.

Spot, Foreign, Swap & Foreign Drafts - Regions can help you execute buy and sell transactions on a spot, swap or future basis.

  • Ensure competitive pricing when setting up spot buy and sell transactions.
  • Mitigate the effect of negative currency fluctuations when buying or selling foreign currency at a fixed price for a specific future date or time period. legal disclaimer number1
  • Arrange currency swaps to lock in spot and forward rates to protect against current and future exchange rate fluctuations. legal disclaimer number1

Multi-Currency Account - Account designed specifically for companies that manage payables and receivables in foreign currencies.

  • Exercise added control over your accounts so you can optimize cash availability.
  • Protect your company against spot price variations and currency fluctuations.
  • Enjoy increased transaction efficiency and lower fees.

Multi-Currency Time Deposit – Investment account for companies that need the flexibility to invest in a foreign currency at the respective country’s interest rates for a specific period of time.

  • Diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Earn potentially higher interest rates than those available domestically.
  • Take advantage of favorable exchange rate fluctuations.

Foreign Currency Option – Suite of derivative products that helps organizations customize global transactions to cover specific business needs. legal disclaimer number1 legal disclaimer number2 legal disclaimer number3

  • Cover uncertain or contingent exposures without committing to currency exchange agreements.
  • Exchange at the option strike price or the current market rate—whichever offers the better rate.
  • Eliminate downside risk in a position while remaining open to upside potential.

Foreign Currency Loan – Provides companies with the ability to obtain financing in a foreign currency based on the country’s interest rates. legal disclaimer number4

  • Optimize in-country assets by borrowing in a foreign currency.
  • Protect working capital by hedging against a matched foreign asset.
  • Maximize cash flow by choosing a fixed or floating interest rate.

Foreign Currency Check Processing - Deposit foreign checks with Regions for immediate credit or collection processing. legal disclaimer number4

  • Offer customers and vendors the convenience of paying in their native currencies.
  • Accept payment by check in foreign currencies or U.S. dollars.
  • Visit any Regions location to cash or deposit checks.