Regions Equipment Finance Corporation (REFCO) is a fully integrated subsidiary of Regions Bank and is one of the largest bank-owned equipment financial services companies in the nation, with a portfolio exceeding $10.3 billion in assets. REFCO has participated in the equipment finance business since 1972 and currently is originating new volume at more than $2.9 billion annually.

REFCO has four go-to-market strategies:

  • Our Direct Equipment Finance delivery team within the Regions footprint provides Equipment Finance Solutions to commercial and corporate clients.
  • Our Equipment Syndication team buys and sells paper between financial institutions and other reliable sources.
  • Our Government & Institutional Finance platform, Regions Capital Advantage (RCA), provides financing to municipalities and nonprofit entities.
  • Our Solar Equipment Finance platform provides financing for solar development projects nationally.
  • Our Technology Equipment Finance platform provides access to the hardware, software and technology services to businesses nationally.

Our history

1972 Alabanc Financial Corporation formed (renamed Regions Equipment Finance Corporation [REFCO] in 2006)
1997 AmSouth Leasing, Ltd. formed (renamed Regions Equipment Finance, Ltd. in 2007)
1999 A-F Leasing, LLC formed (renamed Regions Commercial Equipment Finance, LLC in 2012)
2003 REFCO begins researching Solar Development Programs
2005 REFCO begins buying paper through Syndicated Buy Desk
2008 REFCO’s Solar Development Program formed

Regions Capital Advantage, Inc. (RCA) tax-exempt platform formed


REFCO launches Technology Equipment Finance platform

Connect with Our Team

Your questions and concerns are important to us. You can call, email, connect with us online or meet in person with a member of our relationship team at various locations across the Regions footprint.

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