Equipment Financing

Regions Commercial Banking

Regions Equipment Financing Services gives businesses the flexibility to secure the capital they need to purchase new equipment while maximizing operating cash flow and minimizing tax liability. We offer a variety of equipment leasing programs to meet your needs legal disclaimer number1 , including:

Equipment Finance Agreements
Regions provides you with the funds to buy the equipment and you make monthly payments per the agreement terms.

True Lease
Regions purchases the equipment and grants you the exclusive right to use it for a monthly fee over a specified time period. You reduce your tax liability by deducting lease payments as a capital expense.

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) Lease
If you want to buy a vehicle, Regions finances it through a lease with a predetermined sales value at maturity, and you minimize your tax liability by deducting lease payments as a capital expense.

Municipal Lease
Regions understands that city and local governments have unique budgeting needs. Contact us so we can create an equipment leasing program lease to work with your specific accounting, billing and cash flow requirements.

Lease Commitment Agreement
Purchase multiple pieces of equipment and Regions will pay the vendor(s) upon delivery and combine the lease agreements so you only have one payment to manage.

Contact Regions to talk to a Commercial Lending expert for help with equipment leases for airplanes, truck/automobile fleets, furniture, office and medical equipment, farming equipment, marine and rail assets, and more. You can also call us at 1-888-537-7331.