Government, Institutional & Nonprofit Banking

Regions understands that the needs of governments, institutions and nonprofit organizations differ from those of for-profit businesses. Therefore, we offer a broad range of products and services designed specifically for state, county and municipal governments, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. All your banking needs are in one place, including: deposits, treasury management, institutional trust, corporate trust, loans, leases and employee banking services.

Customized Credit Solutions
Our specialists use the financing options you have at your disposal, such as access to long-term, tax-exempt capital, to help you create a credit solution that meets your specific needs.

Flexible Lending Options
We can provide both fixed and variable rate loans and leases, and we offer flexible financing terms, as well as competitive rates.

Managing Cash and Investments
Because public and nonprofit entities generally have strict investment guidelines for short-term cash and long-term holdings, we offer specialized products such as collateralized checking, money market accounts and high-grade managed securities that meet these guidelines, and provide streamlined cash management solutions to help you optimize cash flow.

Dedicated Specialists
All services are delivered through a dedicated team who understands the banking needs of government, institutional and nonprofit organizations.

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