Homebuilder Finance Contacts

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Fred Behnke, Segment Executive – Tampa, FL
Phone: 727-469-4522
Email: fred.behnke@regions.com

Randy Reid, West Regional Manager – Public Homebuilders, Dallas, TX
Phone: 469-608-2792
Email: randy.reid@regions.com

William (David) Jewell, East Regional Manager – Charleston, SC
Phone: 803-360-9289
Email: william.d.jewell@regions.com

Scott McLay, Relationship Manager – Atlanta, GA
Phone: 678-845-5769
Email: scott.mclay@regions.com

Jeremy Mitro, Relationship Manager – Dallas, TX
Phone: 469-608-2714
Email: jeremy.mitro@regions.com

Justin Smith, Relationship Manager – Columbia, SC
Phone: 803-365-8980
Email: justin.smith@regions.com

Ted Sprigg, Relationship Manager – Houston, TX
Phone: 713-244-8062
Email: ted.sprigg@regions.com