Net Lease Products

Regions arranges sale leasebacks and build-to-suit transactions for corporate clients looking to monetize corporate-owned real estate and to reinvest capital into their core businesses.

Sale leasebacks are arranged for corporations that are owner-occupants of existing real estate properties, while build-to-suit transactions involve the construction of new real estate projects for corporations.

In both cases, Regions arranges the sale of corporate-owned real estate (or development/construction of new real estate for build-to-suits), as well as the corporation's subsequent long-term lease of the subject property. These transactions are available for companies that are sole occupants of real estate projects, and leases are structured as triple net (NNN) with a minimum lease term of 10 years. Flexible lease structures, including free rent terms and purchase options, are also available.

Our Corporate Real Estate Net Lease professionals work with clients to develop innovative lease structures tailored to specific needs.