Industry Overview

Regions' Restaurant Banking Group consists of a seasoned team of bankers averaging 15 years of direct industry experience with an exclusive focus on the restaurant sector. Formed in 2009, the restaurant banking group concentrates on maintaining active relationships with strategic, established names in the restaurant space, including restaurant-focused sponsors, restaurant-focused lending institutions and significant relationships at the CEO/CFO level.

A deep knowledge of market conditions and an understanding of needed real-time outcomes for both equity and debt investors are a constant priority. We provide insightful guidance to help execute growth and strategic plans. Regions possesses the flexibility and capacity to make significant commitments to large market participants and targeted commitments to small- and middle-market clients.

Areas of Focus

  • Franchisees of national brands
  • Franchisors
  • Restaurant Operating Companies
  • Private Equity Groups with a retail and consumer focus

For more information, please contact:

Robert Daniel, Restaurant Group Head
Regions Securities LLC