Regions Association Lockbox

An integrated solution for associations

Regions Association Lockbox is an integrated lockbox solution designed to meet the unique requirements of condo associations, homeowner associations and property management companies.

Faster collection
Regions assures quick processing. By making frequent collections throughout the day and through automated payment processing, Regions Association Lockbox accelerates the collection process which improves your overall cash flow.

Better reporting
Regions simplifies reporting. Association Lockbox allows you to easily export data to specific accounts receivable programs such as Great Plains, TOPS, CSV, Yardi, PROMAS, Jenark, Quicken®, and QuickBooks® at no additional cost. You also have the ability to create or download custom reports such as Detail Deposit Reports by Association, Coupon Order Reports and Stop Transaction Reports.

Special handling
Regions helps you react. For payments that do not contain a remittance coupon, Regions will print a replacement coupon at no additional cost and process the deposit to your account. If a payment does not contain an account (unit) number, an image of the check is posted online for you to review so that you can add the correct account (unit) number. By doing so, you will ensure that your exported transaction data appropriately reflects receipt of the payment from that owner.

Greater control
Regions puts you in control of your receivables. Associations and property management companies often do not want checks and coupon payments processed for a particular account (unit). Regions Association Image Lockbox solution allows clients to enter "stop" information online. Any "stopped" items received will be returned to you without being deposited.


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