Cash Management

Reduce your business' administrative burdens and put your money to work with a variety of cash management services. From secure lockboxes to sweep accounts that earn competitive overnight interest rates to treasury services, let Regions help you manage your funds.

International Payments
Transfer funds to and from banks anywhere in the world, quickly and securely through the Federal Reserve wire system or S.W.I.F.T. Outgoing funds are transmitted electronically from one bank to another, speeding deposits to accounts worldwide, so your business meets payment deadlines.

International Lockbox
Reduce administrative burdens, improve funds availability and increase processing speed while reducing costs as Regions safely and securely receives and processes payments for your business.

Let our team of professionals work on your behalf to receive payment or acceptance for products exported overseas.

Foreign Exchange
Keep on top of fluctuating world currencies and tap into our expertise to handle international money transfers, drafts and overseas checks.

Take control of the timing of your payments, and take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities with our FedWire services, the fastest way to remit payments or fund investments around the world.