Foreign Exchange

Regions Bank has an experienced foreign exchange trading desk and a full range of foreign exchange products and services to help you deal in a global economy.

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Regions offers:


Regions gives you knowledge backed by experience. Regions’ traders have the vital depth and range of experience necessary to provide effective strategies to manage your foreign exchange exposure.

Competitive Rates

Regions gives you value. Regions is a market maker in global currencies. This allows us to provide you with real-time pricing on your transactions.


Market Insight

Regions' financial information systems continuously monitor world currency markets to keep you informed about current market news and currency movements.


Automated Communications

Regions settles transactions faster. Computerized communications facilitate the fast and efficient transfer of global funds to put your money to work faster.

Market commentaries

Regions keeps you informed. We offer written commentaries about trends and developments in global currencies to provide valuable perspective as you formulate future plans.

RegionsFX Online

  • Enables you to conduct foreign currency spot, forward, swap and foreign drafts via a web-based platform
    • Settlement via wire transfer to the beneficiary of your choice
    • Payments are drawn down against your Regions US dollar account (ACH also available)
  • Foreign Currency Account Access:
    • Ability to wire directly from the account via wire transfer (no conversion involved)
    • Ability to purchase/sell currency and settle directly to/from foreign currency account
    • Ability to view activity and balances online
  • Repetitive instruction templates for wires and/or drafts
  • Access configured on a per-user basis to meet your needs (trade limits, authorization limits, etc.)
  • Produce reports of daily transactions as well as historical reports for all transactions
  • Enhanced security control

For inquiries related to foreign currency cash for travel purposes, please contact your local branch. For more information about our Commercial, Small Business, and Private Wealth Management FX services please email fx@regions.com.

Product/Service Description Benefits
RegionsFX Online Internet-based foreign exchange system that enables your company to initiate foreign currency denominated wires and drafts directly from your own computer. Reduces transaction time by allowing users to complete entire transaction online based on real-time exchange rates. Users have access to Foreign Currency Account balances and wire capability. RegionsFX also facilitates recordkeeping and transaction history while utilizing repetitive templates to reduce execution time to a few keystrokes.
Dual Invoicing A foreign vendor invoice that shows the foreign currency price in addition to the U.S. dollar price. Importers paying vendors in U.S. dollars may be paying inflated prices. By requesting a Dual Invoice, the U.S. importer gains control over the currency conversion and can potentially realize cost savings and reduced wire fees.
Spot Contract Buy or sell foreign currency for immediate use. Makes purchasing and selling foreign currencies simple and convenient while ensuring competitive pricing on your foreign exchange transactions.
Outright Forward Contract ‡ Buy or sell foreign currency at a fixed price for a specific future date. Protects future cash flows from negative currency fluctuations and locks in exchange rates so you can plan on a known future cash flow.
Variable Delivery Forward Contract ‡ Buy or sell foreign currency at a fixed price for a period of time in the future rather than a specific date. Provides more flexible settlement dates by allowing partial delivery of the contract at different intervals during the delivery window. Locks in exchange rates and allows consolidation of small forward requirements into one larger contract.
Multi-Currency Account Designed for companies that have commonly denominated payables and receivables in foreign currency. Protects your company from spot price variations, gives you more control over your accounts, increases transaction efficiency and may lower fees.
Multi-Currency Time Deposit Provides the ability to invest in a foreign currency at the respective country’s interest rates for a specific period of time. Allows you to diversify your existing portfolio and to potentially earn higher interest rates than those available domestically while taking advantage of any favorable exchange rate move.
Foreign Currency Swap ‡ An agreement between two parties to exchange a given amount of one currency for another and, after a period of time, to give back the original amounts swapped. A swap simultaneously locks in a spot and forward rate, which protects against current and future exchange rate fluctuations. A swap can be used when there is a timing change for a payment or receipt of foreign currency if a forward hedge is already in place.
Foreign Currency Option *‡ Numerous derivative products are available to provide flexibility in meeting individual needs. Suitable for covering uncertain or contingent exposures because they do not obligate you to exchange currencies. Exchange at the better rate of either the option strike price or the current market rate, eliminating the downside risk in a position while remaining open to upside potential.
Foreign Currency Loan Provides the ability to obtain financing in a foreign currency based on the respective country’s interest rates. Allows companies to borrow in a foreign currency. This liability can provide a natural hedge against a matched foreign asset. Borrower has the option to pay fixed or floating interest rates. Available for select currencies.
Foreign Check Processing Deposit foreign checks with Regions for immediate credit or collection processing. Allows companies to accept payment via check denominated in foreign currency or U.S. dollars. Checks may be handled at any Regions location. Available for select countries.

‡ Global Markets Entity Identifier (GMEI) is required. Subject to credit approval.

* Availability is subject to your certification as an “Eligible Contract Participant” (ECP) as defined by the Commodity Exchange Act. An ECP is generally defined as (i) a business entity with either more than $10mm in total assets or more than $1mm in net worth, or (ii) an individual with more than $5mm in “total amounts invested on a discretionary basis” and who enters into the agreement, contract, or transaction in order to manage the risk associated with an asset owned or liability incurred by the individual.

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