Regions Integrated Payables

Regions Integrated Payables powered by Regions Intersect®

Consolidate all payment types into a single file to initiate payments to vendors, employees and other payees. For enhanced security, you can establish dual controls for submitting and approving payment files.

Plus, enjoy these great benefits:

Improve financial position

Gain additional working capital by extending your days payable outstanding.

Streamline production

Reduce costs associate with check printing and mailing through payment automation.

Leverage experience from Regions Payables Consultants

Benefit from the knowledge and guidance of our Payables Consultants who will work with you to fully understand your company's cash cycle to customize a solutions that will help you achieve your financial objectives.
Want to learn more?

Interested in learning more about Regions Integrated Payables, talk to a Regions Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Officer.

Regions Intersect Instructional Videos

Integrated Payables Features and Benefits:

  • Provides complete end-to-end supplier enrollment
  • Increases future commercial card spend and rebate potential, post supplier enrollment campaign
  • Reduces cash cycle time and operational costs and risks
  • Improves account reconciliation with customizable processing options
  • Presents advanced payment notices to suppliers by email
  • Offers mobile access for added convenience
  • Allows defined user access through roles and permissions and includes dual controls for payment file release
  • Mitigates risks through improved payment visibility across the financial supply chain