Corporate Trust

Regions Corporate Trust provides comprehensive administrative experience, trust services and tailored solutions to bond issuers. We offer practical, customized strategies to your unique situation. Let us work with you to provide service and support for your bond issuances.

Why Choose Regions as Your CorporateTrustee?

Capabilities: The Regions Corporate Trust team has extensive experience with all types of bond issues and financing terms, including some of the most complex transaction structures. Supported by a proficient back office and industry-leading technology, your Regions Relationship Consultant will efficiently and accurately administer your bond issues

Knowledge: Averaging 18 years' experience, our Regions Relationship Consultants possess the insight required to successfully administer your bond issue. Our experienced professionals have successfully navigated numerous economic cycles, financial conditions and will put their knowledge to work for you.

Service: Regions understands that the corporate trust business is first and foremost a client-centric business. Over 500 successor appointments bear witness to the fact that Regions understands the importance of providing one-to-one service - day in and day out.

We are ready to be a part of your team for a successful transaction outcome. Contact one of our strategists today:

Cary Jones
Corporate Trust Strategist 

Troy Simmons
Corporate Trust Strategist