Natural Resources and Real Estate

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You can count on our seasoned staff of specialists to help you make your natural resource and real estate properties more productive and profitable, something we've been doing successfully for over 40 years.

The Natural Resources and Real Estate Group (NRRE) group manages real estate properties and natural resources held in trusts, estates and agency accounts from individuals corporations, foundations and universities.

Our trained and licensed staff of professional foresters, geologists, farm managers and property managers understand what it takes to make the most of these assets.

Area of Service

Commercial & Real Estate

Our extensive experience in managing real estate properties range from single- and multi-family residences to office buildings, warehouses and shopping centers. We are available to help with:

  • Property management
  • Property sales and purchases
  • Income maximization
  • Payment of your insurance premiums, property taxes and mortgage payments
  • Recommendations for repairs and improvements
  • Advice on selling your property or holding it as an investment
  • Periodic inspections, appraisals and annual market value analysis
  • Lease negotiations


Our foresters provide expert forestry management to commercial, trust and private landowners. Regions foresters find excellent opportunities for forest landowners to increase their forest income.

Whether the forest resource is for paper, lumber or other wood products, our experienced and dedicated foresters provide valuable management services to our clients.

While investigating all possible sources of income, our Forestry staff will:

  • Inventory your timber to evaluate long-and short-term potential
  • Recommend a program to enhance the productivity of your forestlands
  • Project growth rates and timber volume
  • Design a plan to maximize your income and forest regeneration
  • Establish and maintain all landlines
  • Make periodic inspections to protect your property against dangers of trespass, fire and disease
  • Pay your property taxes
  • Provide detailed management records
  • Prepare timber sales and lease agreements

Mineral Lands

Effectively managing mineral properties can be a complex and time-consuming task. That's where Regions' long involvement in the Southeast's mineral industry and our reputation for aggressive and innovative management make the difference.

Our mineral management staff is actively involved in leasing and monitoring properties that produce oil, gas and coal as well as other hard minerals, such as stone, clay, sand and gravel. We provide a full spectrum of services, including:

  • Lease negotiations
  • Mining operations, inspection and survey
  • Mineral extractions and royalty payment audits
  • Royalty distribution
  • Creation of mining activity reports
  • Acquisitions
  • Sales

Farm Land

For the many farmland owners who are not active farmers, Regions provides the expertise to help your land achieve its maximum income and growth potential.

A Regions farm manager will:

  • Analyze the land
  • Prepare a plan that outlines budget requirements, income potential and necessary improvements
  • Recommend erosion control measures and other long-term soil conservation practices, if needed
  • Monitor your cash flow
  • Prepare and update all required documents
  • Pay property taxes
  • Regularly inspect your farmland to make sure your lessee is meeting all terms of the lease

Consulting Services

Our experienced staff keeps abreast of current developments and trends through a program of continuing education. We provide consulting services on a fee basis for farms, timberlands, mineral lands and real estate, such as:

  • Land divisions
  • Property Sales
  • Acquisitions
  • Leases
  • Negotiations

Natural Resources and Real Estate Management Services

Whatever your needs, you can count on Regions' seasoned staff of specialists to help you meet them. With our knowledge and hands-on experience, we can work with you to make your natural resources and real estate properties more profitable and productive.

Trust Services

Backed by the strength and soundness of Regions Bank and more than 80 years of investment management experience. Regions manages the assets of many entities, including individuals, corporations, small businesses and foundations.

Call us at 1-205-583-4426, find a Natural Resources/Real Estate contact in your state or tell us more about your wealth management needs and an experienced professional will contact you.

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