Commercial Card

A single card solution that allows you to streamline AP processes and reduce costs

Commercial payments is an area where you can set your company apart. Every company must make purchases, but how you approach those payments can make a real bottom-line difference.

The Regions Commercial Card program provides a single accounts payable solution that simplifies purchasing, travel/entertainment and fleet expenses while retaining the same level of functionality and control that comes with each program. The end results are reduced administration costs, empowered employees and improved management control over purchases.

The Regions Commercial Card payment solution will equip you with information and reporting tools to provide enhanced data monitoring and greater visibility into expenditures, allowing you to optimize your card program's efficiency. It makes it easy to buy what is needed, reduce costs, get quick access to data, gain insight and streamline operations.


The Regions Commercial Card lets you:

  • Spend less time managing multiple card programs
  • Gain greater cash flow insights, increasing visibility into expenditures
  • Segment card usage applicable to your specific reporting structure
  • Authorize spending based on each employee’s needs and Merchant Category Codes
  • Build-in safeguards to prevent unauthorized purchases and reduce the risk of fraud
  • Simplify and control travel expenditures
  • Leverage enhanced information for supplier negotiations and a clearer perspective on compliance with payment terms of your contracts
  • Set up accounts and manage card limits in real time quickly and easily
  • Access online tools and customer support 24 hours a day
  • Boost payment efficiency
  • Improve control, simplify management and reduce fraud
  • Make the most of your working capital

Is a Regions Commercial Card program right for your business?
If you would like to streamline financial operations and reduce the time and money spent procuring and paying for goods and services, the Regions Commercial Card program could help improve your company's bottom line. Our payment experts will work with you to tailor a commercial card solution to the needs of your organization that can adapt as you evolve, whether you need a single payment solution or fully integrated payables. We'll help you draw strategic insight and intelligence from your data, and even assist in finding ways to optimize operations on an ongoing basis to improve efficiency.

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Disputed Items
To dispute an item and process a claim, please contact Commercial Card Services at 1-888-934-1087.

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Regions Intersect

These benefits are amplified when you integrate the Regions Commercial Card with Regions Intersect.SM Intersect provides a single, secure login portal for convenient, comprehensive management of your card program, allowing you to streamline payment processing operations and gain greater business intelligence through AP automation and expense management.

And with Regions Intersect, you can set up accounts and manage card limits in real time quickly and easily. You'll have 24-hour access in case you need to cancel a card account, update information, adjust spending limits or transfer employee accounts between departments. Any changes you make are updated instantly, giving you more flexibility in card management.

Regions Intersect also expands Commercial Card program services that are available to you. Both push and pull payment options are supported, and vendor enrollment is managed on your behalf by Regions as an integral component of AP setup.