Regions Quick Deposit Security Enhancements

At Regions, the security of your account information is extremely important to us. As a Regions Quick Deposit client, you may have noticed a banner message or received an email announcing additional security enhancements. We are implementing additional safeguards for Quick Deposit to enhance your protection against online fraudulent practices and access by unauthorized parties.


Prior to the implementation of the new security enhancements, we wanted to provide you with information describing all changes in detail in order to familiarize you with new screens within the application. You may view the new screens via the "Learn more" link below.

As a reminder, if you ever suspect that your account has been compromised by a security threat or fraud, call Regions Commercial Client Services immediately at 1-800-787-3905.

What is changing with Quick Deposit?
There are no changes to the way you process your deposits through Quick Deposit, or to the application itself.  Here is what will change:

  • In the coming weeks you will be asked to choose three security challenge questions and provide answers via a new Security Questions Registration page. 
  • After establishing your security challenge questions and answers, you will be prompted at random to answer a security challenge question when logging in to Quick Deposit. 

Why is this change being made?
These new security prompts will establish an additional layer of security to substantially reduce your exposure to unauthorized access of your account information. 

When will this change be made?
The security challenge process will be introduced in a phased approach over the coming weeks based on your geographic location.  If you have business locations in differing geographic areas, it is possible for the locations to encounter a variance among the screens when using Quick Deposit.   As stated above, nothing will change with the way you process deposits in the Quick Deposit application.

I have heard of multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a way to protect account information.  Are the new Quick Deposit safeguards similar to MFA?
The new safeguards being implemented for Quick Deposit do indeed represent a type of multi-factor authentication, or MFA. MFA is an additional security measure that prompts you to verify your identity in order to gain access to an application. In this case, the MFA consists of responding to security challenges as well as providing your normal login credentials (ID, Password).

Learn more about the detail changes you can expect to see over the coming weeks.