Regions Investment Management, Inc.

Regions Investment Management, Inc. ("RIM") is a Registered Investment Adviser with broad investment capabilities and established track records. We are focused on managing active, diversified strategies. Our goals are to provide excellent client service and performance. Achieving client goals through a risk controlled environment is a foundation of our relationship driven culture.

Regions Investment Management manages Equity, Fixed Income and Balanced portfolios for our clients. Through extensive research by dedicated equity and fixed income research teams, RIM is able to manage both standard and customized portfolios for clients.

Firm Profile & Commentaries   Investment Strategies
  Focusing on creating strategies for a wide range of personal and institutional investors.     Developing strategies to meet investors' needs and objectives.
Fixed Income Strategies   Equity Strategies
  Building strategies that attempt to produce the highest total return consistent with prudent investment management.     Building strategies using a fundamentally focused approach that combines quantitative and qualitative research.
Regions Institutional Investment Management   Economic and Market Commentary
  Regions Institutional Investment Management ("RIIM") is the GIPS® verified division of Regions Investment Management.     Timely economic and market commentary on investment trends from Regions Investment Management associates.


Investment advisory services are offered through Regions Investment Management, Inc. (“RIM”), an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. RIM is a wholly owned , subsidiary of Regions Bank, which in turn, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regions Financial Corporation.