Regions Investment Management, Inc.

Fixed Income Strategies

Regions Investment Management, Inc. ("RIM") believes fixed income strategies should provide a stable source of income. Based on this philosophy, we construct diversified portfolios using issues categorized as "high quality." RIM invests primarily in securities that are rated in the top four rating categories by at least one NRSRO for all strategies. Bonds with these ratings are commonly referred to as “high quality.” We actively manage strategies to produce the highest total return consistent with prudent investment management. We also believe our long-term, value oriented approach to investing allows us to capitalize on temporary market inefficiencies.

Rigorous, fundamental analysis drives the portfolio construction process. The fixed income process relies on the equal emphasis of four tools to construct and manage portfolios: duration positioning, sector selection, yield curve positioning and security analysis. These four disciplines ensure that all areas of the bond market are continuously evaluated to manage risk and capitalize on opportunities.

We employ a top-down macro-economic overview to continually assess business cycle trends within the framework of monetary and fiscal policies as well as broader global economic and political influences.

RIM Fixed Income Outlook is a periodic publication produced by the RIM Fixed Income Team.


Investment advisory services are offered through Regions Investment Management, Inc. (“RIM”), an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. RIM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regions Bank, which in turn, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regions Financial Corporation.