Collecting Funds

A variety of services to assist your company in managing day-to-day cash flow receivables:

Regions Quick DepositSM
At most businesses across the United States, an employee has the daily task of gathering payments received, creating a deposit and taking it to the bank. Regions Quick Deposit will streamline this process for your business by allowing you to scan checks in your own offices and then deposit to your Regions account via the Internet.

To log into Regions quick deposit, click here https://icapture.regions.com

Lockbox Services
Our Lockbox Services collect payments into a client commercial account in order to speed deposit processing and to relieve you of some of the bookkeeping workload.

  • Wholesale - useful for clients who receive high-dollar payments from corporate trading partners
  • Retail - useful for clients with a high volume of low-dollar payments

Replace paper bills, invoices and statements, and reduce payment delivery time, while providing your customers with the more efficient digital payment options they expect. Regions BillerXchange® gives your business a cost-effective, online billing and payment platform that delivers a rich set of tools once only available to large corporations.

ACH Origination
Enables you to create electronic transfers to or from accounts of other companies or individuals, directly to your business account via ACH. ACH Debits move funds from the accounts of receivers and credit them to your corporate account. It's a low-cost alternative for the collections of recurring payments, such as club dues, condo fees, rent, and donations.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)
ZBA accounts are used to transfer deposits from subaccounts to primary accounts. For example, funds deposited by each of a chain of stores can be transferred to the headquarters of the chain. With our ZBA Funds Concentrator feature, deposits made to a subaccount are automatically concentrated into your primary account.

Wire Transfers
Regions Bank can receive wire transfers into corporate accounts and report the receipt to clients.

To find out more about Regions Treasury Management payment collections products and services, contact your Relationship Manager, Treasury Management Sales Specialist or Business Banker.

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If you are an existing client and need assistance with your Treasury Management collection service:

Regions Client Services
      or       to send an email request to the Regions Client Services team
  • Inside US call - 1-800-787-3905
    (7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CT)
  • Outside US call - 1-205-560-3999
    (7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CT)