Disbursing Funds

With Regions Treasury Management Services you will be able to select from an array of methods to control how and when your funds are disbursed.

Controlled Disbursement
Assists your business in calculating daily cash positions and planning the most efficient use of funds.

Regions Integrated Payables
Regions Integrated Payables is a comprehensive, automated integrated payables solution. You can consolidate all payment types into a single file to initiate payments to vendors, employees and other payees, simplifying and optimizing your payables process. Plus, Regions Integrated Payables enables the transition from paper-based processes to electronic for added security and the convenience of online payables management.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)
ZBA accounts are used to transfer deposits from sub-accounts to primary accounts. With our ZBA Funds Distributor feature, funds can be transferred as needed from the primary account to subsidiary accounts. For example, funds can be transferred from the client's General account to their Payroll account as payroll checks are presented.

Enables you to create electronic transfers to or from accounts of other companies or individuals, directly to your business account. As in the case with our Disbursement Services feature, called ACH Credits, funds are distributed from your account to the accounts of the receivers. Common uses include Direct Deposit of Payroll to employee accounts, Electronic Tax Payments and Financial EDI payments.

Wire Transfers
Using iTreasury, corporate clients can initiate outgoing wire transfer payments. These wire transfers can be in freeform, or can be set up in a repetitive template to reduce client input requirements.

Paycor Payroll & HR Services
To ensure we provide business clients with the financial tools and products to help them better manage their daily finances, Regions has established a relationship with Paycor to offer an easy-to-use, full-service HR and payroll solution. This single web-based platform, allows you the ability to manage all of your payroll and HR tasks quickly and easily, whenever and wherever you choose.

To find out more about Regions disbursement products and services, contact your Relationship Manager, Treasury Management Sales Specialist or Business Banker.

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If you are an existing client and need assistance with your Regions disbursement service:

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