Fraud Prevention Resources

Offering you more control to safeguard your financial information.

The latest annual Association for Financial Professionals Payment Fraud Survey revealed that two-thirds of respondents had experienced actual or attempted payments fraud over the last year. As incidents of fraud continue to increase, Regions is committed to providing solutions that will enable you to mitigate your exposure to fraud.

We will help you evaluate your internal business processes and enhance your current risk management plan. By combining your unique cash management needs and business requirements with the appropriate safeguards, you can take a proactive approach to reducing your exposure to fraud.

To help protect your business from fraud, we strongly recommend the following best practices.

Best practices for online security
Best practices for paper processes
Best practices for electronic processes

Other fraud prevention resources:

Federal Trade Commission
Internet Crime Complaint Center

Important Fraud Advisory for Businesses from the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, the Internet Crime Complaint Center and the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

Cyber criminals continue to target financial accounts of small and medium sized business owners and employees, resulting in significant business disruption and monetary loss.

Learn more about how to prevent and report online fraud.

Reporting Fraud
If you believe that you are a victim of fraud or have been a recipient of a suspicious communication call Regions Client Services immediately 1-800-787-3905.




Knowledge can help protect your business from fraud.

Alert - 5/20/17: Building a Digital Defense with an Email Fortress

Alert - 7/12/18: Business Email Compromise Contributes to Large Small Business Losses Nationwide

Alert - 3/8/18: New Fraud Scam: Cell Phone Porting

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EMV Chips Challenge In-Store Fraud, Fraudsters Move to Target Weakest Link
Strategies for Protecting eCommerce Against the Rise of Digital Attack

2017 FBI Internet Crime Report
Provides information about Business Email Compromise and annual internet crime types and statistics

Preventing Payment Channel Fraud: Common Tactics and Defense
Ensuring that internal controls and strategies are in place helps protect financial assets

Could You be Duped by an imposter
Arm Yourself with Simple Solutions for Preventing Wire Fraud.

The Fraud Drain: How to Deter and Detect Internal and External Fraud.

Understanding and Preventing Fraud
Connie Payne, CTP, Regions Senior Vice President of Treasury Management Online Solutions.