Importer Trade Solutions

Regions supports your business by providing the financing you need to purchase raw materials and finished goods for resale. Let us help you facilitate trade from anywhere in the world.

Banker's Acceptance
Support your short-term trade transactions with a time draft drawn on and accepted by Regions, indicating our commitment to pay the amount of the draft on a future date.

Let our team of professionals work on your behalf to clear international payments, checks and drafts drawn on overseas banks.

Foreign Exchange
Keep up to date on fluctuating world currencies and tap into our expertise to handle international money transfers, drafts and overseas checks.

Letter of Credit
Demonstrate your creditworthiness to your global business partners, by utilizing the strength of Regions Bank. We stand behind your business when you need us most.

Money Transfers
Transfer funds to and from banks anywhere in the world, quickly and securely through the Federal Reserve wire system or S.W.I.F.T.. Outgoing funds are transmitted electronically from one bank to another, speeding deposits to accounts worldwide, so your business meets payment deadlines.