Alerts & Notifications

Digital Banking

Alerts 1 provide you with up-to-date account information sent directly to your verified mobile device or email account.

Customize alerts to reach you on-the-go, without having to log in to Online Banking 2 or the mobile app 3 . Keep track of your balance, confirm deposits, know when a check clears and set up LockIt® card controls. You can set preferences for push notification, SMS/text message 4 or email delivery.

Examples of optional alerts for personal accounts are:
  • Card Transaction: Receive an alert when Regions approves any transaction using the card or card number for this account.
  • Card Transaction Threshold Limit: Receive an alert when Regions approves a transaction above an amount you’ve set.
  • Check Cleared: Receive an alert when each check you have written (includes checks converted to electronic payments) has cleared your account.
  • Current Posted Balance: Receive an alert each day with your current posted balance, excluding pending (not yet posted) transactions.
  • Low Balance: Receive an alert when your posted balance drops below an amount than you have set.
  • Negative Balance: Receive an alert any time using your ATM or CheckCard causes your selected account’s available balance to be $0.00 or less.
  • Overdraft Posted: Receive an alert any time your checking account has overdrawn.
  • Deposit Confirmation: Receive an alert when a transaction results in a credit or deposit of funds to your account.
  • Regions LockIt® Alerts: Updates regarding LockIt activity, such as blocked transactions and other important issues, due to a control you have locked on your card.

How to Set Up Alerts

  • Once logged in to Regions Online Banking, choose the Customer Service tab and select Notification Center.
  • In the Regions mobile app, find Alerts in the main menu.

In addition to optional alerts, starting April 29, 2021, we will automatically provide you with email alerts on certain account activity. Email alerts for overdrafts and overdraft protection transfers will be expanded to include customers without electronic statements. We will also add optional text/SMS and push notifications to the existing automatic email alerts for certain holds placed on your deposits. Please be sure to keep your account-related email address 5 and mobile number up to date so that you will receive alerts in a timely manner.

Please review our terms and conditions for alerts.