DepositSmart ATMs®

Regions DepositSmart ATMs® are your convenient, quick solution for on-the-go banking.

Get cash, transfer funds, check balances and get mini-statements.[1][2] You can also cash checks, make deposits, load the Regions Now Card® and change standard overdraft coverage options, all at one location.[1][2][3] Plus, you’ll enjoy other time-saving benefits.

Save Time

  • Make deposits when you want, any time of day
  • No envelopes or deposit slips needed
  • Get fast credit for cash deposits[1]
  • Less waiting – deposits made before 8 p.m. CT on regular business days will be posted to your account the same evening[1]

Load Funds to Your Now Card

  • Deposit up to 20 checks or 50 bills at a time into your Regions account
  • Load funds from cash to your Regions Now Card for immediate access
  • No math required – DepositSmart ATMs® add up your totals for you

Get Cash

  • Cash both Regions and non-Regions checks[1][2][3]
  • Get cash up to the amount available to you at the ATM[1][2][3]
  • Deposit remaining check funds to your Regions account or load them to your Regions Now Card[4]

Know You Are Safe and Secure

  • Images of all checks can be displayed on your receipt for extra confirmation
  • Review and approve deposit images and amounts during every transaction