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Regions LockIt: Help prevent unauthorized use of your cards.

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Regions LockIt® gives you the power to customize your Regions personal credit cards, CheckCards, prepaid Now Cards and ATM cards to fit how, when and where you use them.

LockIt allows you to block the transactions that are right for your situation.

  • If you misplace or lose your card, lock the All Transactions control until you find your card or report it as lost.
  • If you want to manage how your card is used, lock only the controls for the transaction types you want to secure, so you feel confident knowing your card is only being used when and where you want.

LockIt offers four convenient types of card control:

All Transactions
When you lock the All Transactions control, your card cannot be used for:

  • All purchases (online, in-store and other)
  • Call Center transfers
  • ATM cash withdrawals
  • ATM transfers to deposit accounts
  • Non-recurring transactions
  • Credit card cash advances from an ATM, Regions branch or another Visa bank

In-store Purchases
When you lock the In-store Purchases control, your card cannot be used for purchases in stores.

Online Purchases
When you lock the Online Purchases control, your card cannot be used for purchases online, by mail order or by phone.

ATM Transactions
When you lock the ATM Transactions control, your card cannot be used for cash withdrawals, transfers to deposit accounts or credit card cash advances at ATMs.

View the LockIt Card Controls Chart (pdf)

LockIt controls will not block all transactions on your card.

  • They will not block transactions processed when standard authorization systems are not used.
  • They will not block merchant-identified recurring transactions, credits to your account, ATM deposits, ATM Now Card loads, ATM payments (including transfers from your deposit accounts to your credit accounts), ATM check cashing, ATM inquiries or ATM account mini statements. 
  • If your credit card provides overdraft protection to your checking account, they will not block overdraft protection advances.

Monitoring Blocked Transactions

Access the Blocked Transactions tab within LockIt on your mobile app or in Regions Online Banking to review the history of transactions that were declined due to a control you have locked on your card.

LockIt Alerts

If you’ll be using Regions LockIt on your mobile app, make sure to set up LockIt Alerts through the Manage Alerts tab. You can also manage and view these notifications from the Settings menu in the Notification Center. Choose the contact method you prefer, such as push, text, or email to get notifications about declined transactions delivered right to your mobile device.

We may send you an email each time we block a transaction. There is no set up necessary.

Regardless of the method you use to lock or unlock a control – from your Regions Mobile App or through Online Banking – it's effective immediately and your settings will be reflected in both the mobile app and in Online Banking.

With access to Regions LockIt controls at your fingertips, you’ll save time and enjoy increased peace of mind and convenience.

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