My GreenInsights

Use our budget and planning tools to easily create a budget, track your spending and save.

Manage all of your finances in one place

Regions My GreenInsights is designed to help you take control of your finances and build your savings. Add all your accounts, even those at other financial institutions, to analyze spending in one central place. Then create a budget, and set up savings goals. Current Regions customers can log in to get started.

Getting started 

A full picture of your finances is just a few steps away. Simply log in to Regions Online Banking and select the Insights tab. We'll help you create a budget, set spending targets, identify ways to save and more.

Customize your transactions view

The transactions tool provides a combined list of your recent transactions from all connected accounts in one view. Custom tag transactions and add memos to any transaction so you can find them track them easily in the future. Search for transactions across all accounts by entering any relevant details into the search bar.

Track your spending

The spending tool automatically shows you exactly where your hard-earned money is going by breaking down how much you spend into colorful categories. A wheel representing your income is segmented into slices. Each slice on the wheel shows how much of your budget has been spent, and in which category. You can even drill down into categories — for instance, how much did you spend on groceries last month?

Create a budget

We'll help you create a budget, set spending targets and goals, identify ways to save and more. We'll even let you know if you're near or exceeding your budget. The color-categorized bubble system provides a quick view of the areas of your budget that need the most attention — green (within budget), yellow (close to exceeding budget), or red (over budget).

Need more help with My GreenInsights?

Browse through the most commonly asked questions in our FAQs. For more assistance with My GreenInsights, contact us at 1-800-472-2265. My GreenInsights service is available to all Regions account holders who are eligible for Online Banking. If you don't have an account with us, open an account today. If you are not already an Online Banking customer, enroll now.1

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