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Online Banking Business Services

Simplify your finances and keep your business one step ahead.

Regions Online Banking and Mobile Banking allow all of your business and personal accounts to be viewed through one login. Take advantage of this safe and secure way to check your account balances, pay bills, transfer funds and more.[1][2]

In addition, Online Banking Business Services allow you to customize your small business cash management tool kit.

Log in to your Regions Online Banking account and select the Product tab to enroll in one or more business services solutions[3] that best fit your needs. If you’re not yet using Online Banking, enroll today.

Wire Transfer

Send funds electronically from your small business banking account to another institution.[4]

  • Settle transactions quickly and securely
  • Reduce borrowing costs and paperwork
  • Initiate one-time payments and establish templates for repetitive wires

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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Securely pay employees, vendors and suppliers using the ACH Network.[5]

  • Reduce costs associated with paper checks
  • Make repetitive or one-time batch transactions
  • Improve cash flow predictability

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People and Permissions

Allow trusted employees to manage your accounts, make payments and complete transactions with limited or full functionality.

  • Customize employee access based on job functions
  • Add an approval tier to ACH and wire transfer payments
  • Improve security of confidential information

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Check Inspect®

Protect your business from losses associated with fraudulent checks by using advanced check monitoring.

  • Receive notification of checks posted to your account
  • Return fraudulent items conveniently online

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Regions Quick Deposit®

Deposit single or multiple checks directly into your Regions deposit accounts using a desktop scanner or mobile device.

  • Eliminate trips to the bank
  • Improve funds availability and cash flow
  • Take advantage of an extended ledger deposit deadline

Paycor Payroll and HR Services[6]

Simplify payroll and complete HR tasks using a full-service, cloud-based solution.

  • Automate payroll and timekeeping
  • Streamline onboarding and applicant tracking
  • Receive live support from a dedicated HR specialist

QuickBooks®[7] Direct Connect

Manage payroll, invoices and daily business transactions using an accounting software program that connects to your small business banking accounts through Online Banking.

  • Download transactions automatically
  • Track inventory and purchase orders
  • Pay bills and transfer funds with Direct Connect

Online Banking Business Services fees

  • Allows a business to send urgent, time-sensitive payments in a secure and convenient manner using domestic and international wires. Once a wire transfer is sent to a recipient, the funds are always good and cannot be revoked for any reason.

    $100,000 limit per wire transaction initiated through Regions Online Banking Business Services applies. Limit of $500,000 in aggregate transactions per month, per account. Aggregate transactions include all transactions in a calendar month. Additionally, there is a transaction limit of 10 wire transactions per month, per account. Limits are subject to change.

    • $12 monthly fee
    • $22 fee per domestic wire
    • $40 fee per international wire
  • Allows a business to send electronic payments and ensure critical payments are made on time such as direct deposit to employee accounts and vendor payments. ACH Payments cannot be revoked for any reason.

    $100,000 limit per ACH batch transaction initiated through Regions Online Banking Business Services applies. A batch transaction can be one or more transactions in a single payment submission. Limit of $500,000 in aggregate ACH batch transactions per month, per account. Aggregate transactions include all ACH batch transactions in a calendar month. Limits are subject to change.

    • $12 monthly fee
    • $1.50 fee per ACH

    Other ACH charges that may apply for this service:

    • $6.50 fee per ACH return
    • $4 fee per notification of change
  • Allows a business to set up additional users in Regions Online Banking and set permissions for which accounts and services they can view and/or which transactions they can perform.

    • $8 monthly fee
    • Unlimited users
  • Helps a business protect itself against check fraud and reduce exposure arising from altered amounts or counterfeit checks.

    Check Inspect compares checks issued by your company against checks presented for payment against your account for additional security. Reverse Check Inspect provides a list of checks presented for payment so you can determine which checks should and should not be paid. (Please note that checks presented and paid at Regions banking offices cannot be returned unpaid with Reverse Check Inspect.)

    If you enroll in Check Inspect or Reverse Check Inspect, a Regions banker will contact you to discuss your next steps.

    Check Inspect

    • $15 per account, per month
    • 50 cents per check, over 50 checks

    Reverse Check Inspect

    • $15 per account, per month
    • 7 cents per check, over 150 checks
  • Allows a business to deposit checks electronically, eliminating the need for a trip to a branch. Contact your Regions Banker for more information about fees.

  • QuickBooks® Direct Connect provides you with two-way connectivity, which allows you to automatically download transactions and match them with existing transactions, pay bills and transfer funds using your financial management software.

    Direct Connect

    • $19.95 (for applicable accounts the fee is $14.95).
  • Regions’ relationship with Paycor means we offer a simplified, full-service solution that provides businesses an easy-to-use application. Expect immediate and secure access to HR, payroll, timekeeping and reporting information.

    Ready to get started? Ask a Regions representative or learn more about Payroll and HR Services today.