Build credit without taking on debt

With a Self[1] subscription[2] you may be able to build your credit history by continuing to pay your rent, cell phone and other utilities payments the same way that you always have.

Now you can sign up for Free Rent Reporting at no cost. This service will report your monthly rent payments to all three major credit bureaus[3].

If you prefer, you can step up to full Rent and Bills Reporting. This service reports your rent and utility payments each month to major credit bureaus for a monthly fee of $6.95. The optional Lookback service can report up to two years of past payments for a one-time fee of $49.95.

With either service, once you link your bank account, Self will find and verify your payments using advanced matching technology. Self will then report your payments to the major credit bureaus and provide access to credit score tracking.

Enjoy these benefits

  • Get credit for payments you’re already making
  • Track your credit score so you can see the impact
  • Maximize the credit impact with Lookback service to report past rent and utility payments