Tap to pay and bank with contactless cards

Tap to Bank ATMs

Using the ATM has never been so easy. Instead of inserting your Regions Visa® card[1] at a Regions ATM terminal, just tap it where you see the contactless symbol[2] to start banking. It's simple, fast and secure.

Tap to pay

Contactless payment options combine chip card technology and security. Tap to pay faster than swiping or searching for cash. Simply tap your Regions Visa® card at the checkout terminal and enjoy the same security as chip cards.

Is it secure?

Visa contactless cards use the same security as EMV chip cards to protect your payment information.

Regions credit card
Regions Credit Cards

Which cards offer the tap feature?

Tap to Bank® and tap to pay are available for Regions Now Cards®, credit and debit cards.

Still have questions about contactless banking?